As one of the country’s leading Employee Benefit Management firms, COBECON is an innovator in the development, delivery, and management of Employee Benefits Plans that energize and strengthen an organization's most valuable resource, Human Capital.

With unparalleled experience in the Employee Benefits Industry, the professionals at COBECON understand that the current status quo does not begin to offer the solutions necessary to make Employee Benefits Plans more affordable, or more effective.

The options that are currently offered to employers ignore the fact that all organizations have their own specific needs, and challenges. When it comes to developing a Benefit Plan that can make a difference in the health, and productivity of its organization COBECON’s expertise is invaluable. Representing employers across the country, with offices nationwide, COBECON has set a high standard for providing opportunities to transform the one dimensional paradigm of Employee Benefit Plans.

Executive Management Team

Todd Sullivan
Managing Partner - Baltimore, MD

Dan Breedlove
Senior Vice President - Baltimore, MD