Broker Partners

COBECON’s success is based on great broker partner relationships. We believe by utilizing regional and localized service, coupled with our comprehensive industry expertise we create a model that blends the best in product and solutions.

The ability of employer groups to manage the costs of Employer Health Plans has increased significantly over the years through product development, reporting, wellness and alternative plan financing; unfortunately, very few mid-sized employer groups have taken advantage of these opportunities. The reasons vary, but COBECON feels that taking control of this cost component is critical for the long term economic stability of any successful organization.

COBECON provides you, the broker partner, with the innovation, client support, benefit management tools, and specific industry leverage that is required to help companies set and exceed the objectives of effective Employee Benefit and Wellness Plans. We provide the resources and heavy lifting that is required for success, and allow brokers the time and flexibility that they need to run a successful agency.

The industry strategy to reducing the cost of employer health plans has rested primarily on the commodity driven approach of a broker’s ability to secure a more aggressively priced alternative program. The landscape has changed dramatically. As you know, there are fewer alternatives in which to secure the necessary coverage as a result of consolidation and carriers that have opted to exit the marketplace altogether.

The development of a solid foundation is the first step in the multi-dimensional approach that COBECON uses to effectively design, implement and manage any successful Benefits & Wellness program. Our techniques offer the ability to create a plan that meets each organization’s unique needs, provides tools to analyze claims activity and plan utilization, as well as the ability to interchange plan components that prevent the deterioration of the Benefit and Wellness plan’s effectiveness.