Group Administrators

The ability to attract and retain quality employees is difficult enough without having the additional complications of having to offer a Benefits and Wellness plan that is “off the shelf” and not customized to reflect the unique philosophies and culture of your company. Further complicating matters is the simple fact that Employers and Employees alike often find these programs overall cost prohibitive. COBECON offers the opportunity for employers to customize a Benefits and Wellness plan to meet their organization's specific needs.

For years, Fortune 500 companies have had the privilege of providing cutting edge plans that until recently have not been available to mid-market employers. These companies have purchasing leverage, contractual advantages, risk management, cost containment resources and overall industry support that smaller companies simply have not had.

COBECON provides the support that mid-market employers require in order to take advantage of the opportunities that these plans offer. Benchmarking and Predictive Modeling tools are provided to assist in the initial stages of plan development, and to determine the necessary balance of plan offerings and cost. The monthly analysis of claims activity and plan utilization provides the information necessary to achieve plan objectives that have been established to improve the health, lifestyle, and productivity of all plan participants.

Nationally recognized health plans that are often “off the shelf” only analyze Benefit and Wellness plans in twelve month blocks of time. This approach has contributed to the constant escalation of the cost of Benefit and Wellness plans and can no longer be accepted as the norm in your efforts to manage your benefits offerings. At COBECON we provide our clients with the tools, resources and highly customized products to make plans effective and affordable today and well into the future.